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Are you tired of your trade shows being unsuccessful and being unable to establish valuable contacts or customer relationships?


Learn now how to make your trade shows much more successful while building long-term customer relationships.

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Fill out the free quick test right now and find out where your trade shows stand.



Would you like to know how good your existing trade show appearance really is and how much you could still increase its success? Use your chance to position your premium product effectively and uniquely at the next trade show. Fill out the free quick test right now, and soon you will see where your trade shows stand.

You would like to have an excellent trade show appearance...

Would you like to know how good your existing trade show appearance really is and how much you could still increase its success? Use your chance to position your premium product effectively and uniquely at the next trade show. Fill out the free quick test right now, and soon you will see where your trade shows stand.

Wouldn’t you love to align the maximum effort you put in your trade shows with their level of success?


I have exhibited at countless trade shows around the world for many years and know what it takes to make trade shows successful and exciting.

I have developed several programs for you to learn the following:

How a trade show should be organized in a target-oriented manner.
How to make your trade shows a consistent success.
How to build long-term customer relationships that are profitable.
How a highly trained sales team sets the scene at the trade show.
How perfectly an executed trade show follow-up generates increased trade show sales.
How you can at least double your ROI by following these steps.

After completing my program, your trade show will become visibly more successful, with long-term customer relationships, a highly trained team and maximum sales.


Optimized trade show appearance

René Wyler is the right contact for your trade show, especially if you are new to the trade show business. Do you need a new, refreshing approach of your trade show appearance? Mr. René Wyler is the ideal trade show expert for you. He assists you with preparation, trains your staff, monitors your schedule so that important dates won’t be missed and create additional costs. After the trade show, a thorough follow-up process is created together with your staff. Rene is a true professional with a confident behavior, knowledge and style that will surely convince you that he is the right person for you. I can highly recommend him.

(Consultant, Snack Industry)

Sales Boost

As the leader of a Canadian company that is on the "Growth List 500", (The fastest growing companies in Canada), I have had the pleasure of working with René at various trade shows for my company. He always did an excellent job coaching my sales staff on a high-quality Swiss product, and how to demonstrate it. Most importantly, he taught my team how to sell it. He was always professional and dedicated at the show while assisting my team and demonstrating the product. His skills in training and coaching have been an asset to our company resulting in more sales; He was always very professional, courteous, polite and driven to succeed. To have René with us at the show was definitely a winner and a profitable endeavour for Food Service Solutions.


Wyler Event Coaching Academy

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Videcourse Trade Show Preparation

Learn step by step what you need to consider when planning your perfect trade fair. Get an overview of the numerous special features. I will take you by the hand and guide you through a tried-and-tested structure. In the workbook, you will record the initial key points and achieve your first successes with the help of numerous checklists. You are well on the way to a perfectly organised trade fair.

Who is René Wyler?


René Wyler is an industry-leading expert known for making trade shows for premium products successful. René supports suppliers in becoming significantly more successful with their trade show appearances, in training their sales team, and in recognizably multiplying the ROI of a trade show.

Rene Wyler Experte für Messeerfolg

René has 25 years of experience in international sales of high-quality premium products, mainly through trade shows. He knows better than most how to build long-term customer relationships while making them much more successful. He also trains your sales staff to become top talents enabling them to achieve new levels of success with fun and enthusiasm.

Many may think that, due to digitalization, trade shows are no longer important. But this is wrong. For high-quality premium products, there is nothing better than personal contact. René is a master at training sales teams, providing companies with a clear picture, and effectively working on optimization potentials, so their effort is minimized, and success is maximized. In short: René helps to multiply the ROI of a trade show production.

When you work with René, you will see that his way of working is characterized by significant professionalism and passion, but at the same time with a great deal of humor, ease and charm. His primary goal is to ensure that your trade show is increasingly more successful every time, to help your staff enjoy the trade show, and to build brilliant customer relationships. His vision is that every trade show is a success, every stand design is attractive, the trade show employees are highly trained and the ROI multiplies. Your trade show should get off to flying start! 

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A Winner

René is simply said an extraordinarily gifted person with empathy beyond normal, truly inspirational, direct & true and unbeatable sales skills. Having him as a Sales Manager or Coach is a winner!!!

(Consul General)

Omnipresent and competent

René Wyler is the perfect trade show organizer and team manager on site. In numerous European countries, in Canada, Mexico or the Middle East, René has organized perfect appearances, which always paid off completely for our company. Always present and full of energy, he has been at the forefront of sales everywhere. With his profound expertise and good humor, René and the trade show team always manages to inspire and win numerous new customers. I will always remember the excellent cooperation and the extremely successful time at Brunner-Anliker with great pleasure.

P.L.(Head of Sales & Marketing)
Your personal meeting with René Wyler

Are you ready to find out how good your trade show appearance really is and by how much you can clearly increase your trade show success using targeted measures?

If so, please contact me now for a free trade show strategy meeting. You will gain absolute clarity on:

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Free expert community

“Trade show Lounge”

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It is a group of interested entrepreneurs who succeed with their premium products at the trade show. You will get practical tips for much more trade show success and can exchange ideas with like-minded people.